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What Every PC Owner Needs to Know Spyware

The spread of spyware has become much more than a nuisance. It has now reached the level of an epidemic.

In fact, a recent study found that over 80% of all PC's contain spyware - and most of these PC owners were unaware that the spyware had been installed on their computers!

Some spyware is relatively harmless. However, a good deal of spyware can be very dangerous, leaking your very private and confidential information to scammers and other people.

Knowing how spyware works and which programs to fight spyware with are both important. We have summarized our most important findings and recommendations - what every PC owner really needs to know about spyware:

- Spyware and adware are difficult to find and remove - even for the best dedicated anti-spyware programs.

- Prevention is much better than finding and removing spyware. Acquire good habits to avoid installing spyware on your computer.

- No single spyware tool catches all spyware. In a recent study, the best spyware removal tool missed 25% of the 'critical' files and Registry entries.

- You need to use more than one spyware removal tool.

- No combination of free spyware removal tools we've seen will find and remove all spyware. Spyware removal software is like virus protection software in that it needs to be updated very frequently.

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