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Customize Scan Process

Free Spyware Killer works like a radar to detect any malware, even in the tiniest corner. It provides fast scan or deep scan to scan the memory, boot sectors, system folders, autorun objects, ActiveX objects, etc. You can scan the whole computer, entire harddrive, partition or just a designated folder. Additionally, you can set a filter to ignore files larger than a certain size. Download Free Spyware Killer to customize scanning process.


Step 1. Activate Customize Scanning Process Window

Click "Customize scan" to activate "Customize scanning process" window.

Activate Customize Scanning Process Window

Step 2. Specify Scanning Process

In the box of "Scan areas", areas like Files, Registry, Processes, Cookies, Hosts file, etc. are checked to scan. To skip any of them, just unselect them. The files larger than the certain size you specified can be ignored. In the "Scanning mode" box, select scanning mode: Express for a fast scan or Deep for a thorough scan. If you choose deep mode, it is able to scan any partition and drive in your PC; or you can just select a folder to process scan. To schedule a scan periodically, click "Configure scheduled scanning".

For detailed schedule settings, please go to How to Set Schedule for Spyware Detection.

Customize Scan Process

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