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Free Spyware Killer
Free Spyware Killer


Free Spyware Killer ScreenshotsFree Spyware Killer works as effectively as any high-priced anti spyware package. The free anti-spyware software has ability to detect all kinds of spyware and other suspicious spyware-like activities and even fake anti-spyware programs on your computer. It eliminates these hidden threats to keep you far away from logy computer performance, hard disk failure and identity theft.

Free Spyware Killer scans your computer to detect any malware, even in the tiniest corner, just like radar. You can scan any area either in fast scan or deep scan mode. Also it allows you to ignore scanning files larger than a certain size, schedule your scanning on daily, weekly or monthly and view detailed info of the listed detected threats like threat name, type, severity level, etc. Additionally, it offers backup of your previous files and settings and enables you to restore any changes you have done.


Free Spyware Killer Screenshots

We took only few screenshots to give you an idea of how it looks like. Take the Free Spyware Killer screenshots to get more useful features to enhance your spyware scan & removal.

Detect & Remove Malware Detect & Remove Malware

Scheduled Scan Scheduled Scan

Customize Scanning Customize Scanning

Restore Any Changes Restore Any Changes

Detailed Scan Results Detailed Scan Results

Free Spyware Killer